Interview With A Health Expert: How To Feel Amazing Today


Two weeks ago we interviewed a nutritionist and overall health expert, who blew our minds with some of the content he shared with us. He gave some amazing tips you can use immediately to change your life for the better. So for anyone who feels sluggish, under the weather or tired; this interview is for you. We haven’t added an audio recording due to licensing issues, but we summarize the main tips below.


We work hard, but we were told off for staying up too late. Sleep is vital to us functioning at its best. Your mind, and your body. So make sure you get at least 6 hours of sleep every single night. Try to build a pattern. We were also given some tips on relaxing before you go to sleep. My favorite relaxtation tip was to do some simple meditation techniques for 10 minutes. This can include listening to your breath and merely observing, not trying to change the rhythm, but just be aware of it. I’ve started doing it, and it makes me feel incredibly relaxed and has helped me sleep much better.


I’m a big fan of steak. Apparently this is not the best thing to have. But we were told we don’t have to cut anything out. If you mix your steak with some greens, like a salad for example, you can balance the steak out. The technical term for this is that the steak is acidic, and the greens are alkaline.


This is not new to anyone, but we were all told off for not drinking enough water. If you are thirsty it’s too late apparently. You need to start drinking before you are even thirsty. So carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. We got the usual lecture about not drinking sugary drinks, and limiting caffeine intake. However, we were told that two cups of coffee a day can be good.

Ever wondered what would happen if you stopped drinking water, find out here:


Eat more fruit? Not necessarily. It’s all about raw vegetables apparently. While fruit is good and should most certainly be a part of your daily diet, it is very sugary and you should not consume too much of it. Instead, we were told to increase your vegetable intake. If that gets too much, nuts are a great snack as well. Nuts such as almonds are packed with brain boosting nutrients and powerful vitamins.


You knew this was coming right? You need to move guys and girls. At a minimum, go for a walk. But it is better to have some high intensity exercise a few times a week as well, which can include running, cycling or swimming. It’s good to join a gym, but if you are on a budget, then you can do all of these things outside, especially in the summer.


We heard some amazing tips. While most of it is common sense, lots of people know what to do but aren’t doing it. So a reminder is super useful. So don’t try to do all these at once. Don’t feel guilty if you aren’t doing everything immediately. Focus on one point and change your life step by step.


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